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Originally Posted by Glock26girl View Post
So sorry to hear your very sad news, sawgrass. I'm praying for your family. Lady Glock, I pray that your doctor will have the wisdom to do what is right for your back. Bob, I'm glad to hear that you are doing better. Wolfe, I think of you often and please know that we all do. You are continually in our prayers.
Thanks for the prayers for all of us, I know several of us need them. Lady Glock, I'm really hoping you get some improvement in your back soon.

As for me, I'm still around, just too sick to do anything. The side effects from the chemo get worse with each week, I'm glad I've only got a few weeks to go. I know having to go through it with the other problems from getting shot already there just make it worse, but I really feel for anyone who has to go through it. I'm pretty convinced I'd refuse to go through it again if the cancer does spread. I'd rather just live out what time I have left, than prolong it while being this sick.

As for the URI, it's about gone, finally. Just a bit of extra coughing it out, and the extra pain meds needed. The NP at the VA did tell me I need to not waste time getting to the doc anytime I have something like that start, she was emphatic about how dangerous anything like that is to me. Makes sense, congesting lungs that can't properly expand is a bad combo. Painful, too.
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