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Originally Posted by HollowHead View Post
He can't, simply because he has absolutely no knowledge of what buildings in a major metropolitan area actually contain in terms of explosives, accelerants (sp?) and other such nasty HAZMATS have PER FLOOR. Remember, this was twelve years ago and most copy machine rooms had gallons of stuff (toner cleaner, etc.) that could take a a single floor alone. What happened on Sept. 11 was that aircraft loaded with fuel flew into fireworks factories. Period. HH
Only an idiot would rely on the because of 12 year old copy machines exploding so perfectly timed so as to cause a building to collapse.

This is really hilarious stuff!

Just say you do not want to believe it, but sheesh you two, stop making yourselves out to be so gullible. I understand cognitive dissonance from the ANTI-conspiracy kooks, however, this takes it to a whole another level of being purposely asininely stupid.

Anyway, NIST states that 7WTC's column # 79 failed and this caused the global collapse of building 7. If you two are to be believed, I guess column 79 was where several of your 12 year old copy machines were placed.

Anyway, we now know that NIST is wrong and you two are wrong.

No, 7WTC was imploded on 09-11 and this video is merely one of dozens made on 09-11 that proves it beyond all doubt.

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