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Originally Posted by mvician View Post
This is why it was originally there

Black Rifle Forum

Why it was kept after the charging handle was changed ???
Huh, I too learned something new today.

My introduction to the AR came 10 years ago when I first got issued a M16 in Basic. One of the first things the Drill Sergeants "stressed" to us was, "You're not allowed to carry your rifle by using the carry handle"!!!

My thought was, "then why the hell is it there"??? Initially I just assumed it was one more way DS's screw with you (like how we were made to carry our weapon at high-ready instead of low-ready during long ruck marches). As time went on I came to assume it was just how Stoner designed the sight setup, not knowing (until now) that the charging handle was originally designed as your picture illustrates.

Thanks for the enlightenment.
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