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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
Only someone being purposely ignorant, or obliging their own acute cognitive dissonance, would keep on denying that there were HUNDREDS of explosions in the 1, 2, & 7 WTC buildings on 09-11-2001.
You missed a few hundred as there were probably more. Only an idiot wouldn't realize what happens to a building filled with over 10,000 CRT computer monitors, thousands of gallons of toluene and acetone (the company I worked for alone had an on-site permit for two 55 gallon barrels of acetyl acetone...and we stored much, much more), welding equipment during continuous renovations, etc. all being poured on by 50,000 pounds plus of burning JetA. Hell, the fire supression charging system alone at Windows On The World could have brough One down alone. Yeah, there were indeed internal explosions. HH
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