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Originally Posted by barth View Post
I've read of folks complaining their P30s rattle.
I bought my P30 40 LEM about six weeks ago.
And have ~800 rounds through the gun.
It's tight as a drum - no rattle.
Maybe the early ones rattle?
Or the 9mm?
Or the DA/SA guns?
My P2K 357 LEM doesn't rattle either.
And neither did my USP 45 Compact DA/SA.

Guess I've just been lucky...
Mine was a 9mm V3 P30, I called H&K and they told me that is quite normal and didn't effect the performance of the gun. My friend at the range has a few H&K's and he only has that issue on 1 of his firearms, can't recall if it was the P2000 or the P30. Again, I'm not here to bash the H&K, they are great guns, I own a P7 which is one of my favorite firearms. I loved the ergo's on the HK but just couldn't get over the rattle. Personal preference.
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