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Originally Posted by Rancher View Post
I own two newer Sigs, both P226, neither EVER a problem. Closest "problem" I had was hitting the magazine release once when I first got it. Worked my hand position and never a problem again.

It won't cost you 1K either.

Are you buying local or online? Got both mine off GB. Did me better than any local place.

Lots of people talk about the "older Sigs" being so much better than the new. May be true but mine are flawless so don't know how to be better than that, plus they have a rail.

I have a new Sig P226 Dark Elite. Its been flawless as well, the Elite grips fit like a glove. I actually sold my HK to buy the Sig. Never regretted it for a second. I hear all the talk as well about the old vs new but think like everything else in life you have to decide for yourself. Its great to get opinions, I think that its very very helpful in making a decision on what to buy, but ultimately you have to like how it fits. Personally, I just couldn't stand the rattling of the slide stop on my HK, so I sold it. HK felt great in my hand, was flawless, just couldn't get over the rattle.
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