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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
It's obvious you took offense to my post, but as I said on the other two threads where you mentioned this over and over, it was your posts that made me think there were two different people posting under your username.

Again, you say there is only you posting, fine, I believe you, but it is the impression I got when reading your post here on GT.

BTW: Who's following whom around?
I don't follow your posts, I "stumble" across them.

all I have to do is find the closest conspiracy theory thread, or religious thread, and BAM! There's PW!

Not offended bro, I found and still do find it funny. It reflects your views on the real world and conspiracy theories there, too. Basically, they're BS.

But hey! I 100% support your right to any kooky imaginary friend or conspiracy theory you'd like to believe in, it's entertaining to say the least.
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