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Upcoming debates - thoughts/predictions?

Now that we (and pundits from both sides) have had their laugh...

What do people think of the upcoming debates? Next on the slate is the undercard (Biden vs Ryan).

Presumably Biden's not stupid enough to get into a policy/numbers argument with the Congressional Chair for Budget (and if he is, presumably, his debate coaches/handlers aren't), so the smart play is to try and steer to the class-warfare/populist rant and hope his tendency for fast-and-loose talking doesn't get in his way. The funny thing is Palin, for all her inexperience at the national stage, easily held her own against him 4 years ago and I tend to think Ryan is every bit if not moreso capable of doing the same. Any other predictions?

After that, it's Round 2 of Obama vs Romney. All the pundits are insisting that Obama will be ready for that one. Format for that one is supposed to be town-hall instead of the strict moderator one, which the MSM claims favors Obama (since they could conceivably stack the audience).

The thinking I have though is even if Obama doesn't lazy* his way out of prep this time (*Sununu's words, not mine), the real question is can he even do anything about it. Even many of the MSM (Wash Post has a decent article by Milbank) admit that Obama's lack of any serious press conferences or challenging forums have left him lacking in debating skills when he can't stack the audience and deprived of his teleprompter. Romney, whatever else his faults, has been through the wringer of a protracted GOP nomination and a non-stop hostile MSM, in addition to his skills as a Governor of a Blue State (forcing compromises) and an executive in private life. He's used to being challenged.

Debate skills (like gun skills) atrophy if not practiced. Do people here think Obama, after spending most of his adult life being sheltered by a soft, forgiving media, has it in him to relearn those debating skills in time for the next debate to avoid another humiliation? If you were Obama, what tact would you try? Angry? Lash out? Or pander to emotions, and hope for a less-impartial moderator to bail him out? Ordinarily, the Chicago-way would be to have some ugly juicy OpRes to use but Romney really doesn't have the usual skeletons (ie, affairs, drug addictions, monetary scandals, etc) that most politicians have.
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