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Hello rom the bluegrass state

Hello everyone. Just bought my first Glock 3 weeks ago, g17 gen 3. I live in close to the river across from cincy. I'm used to revolvers so I had a couple of jamming problems my first 2 times out. I chalked it up to my lousey shooting technique and the third time I concentrated on my grip and had no problems. I hope that was the problem because I really love the gun. I've tried other semi- autos with the hammer and safetys and I love that the Glock doesn't have all that. I still love revolvers but if I'm going to shoot semi-autos, this is the gun for me. I bought the gen 3 because the person at the gun shop is ex-detective and he profers gen 3. So look forward to enjoying this forum and can't wait to shoot again.
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