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Originally Posted by DirtyDan View Post
I had already seen that thread, but found nothing real definitive. I even emailed the source(lynn freshly) listed on page two about where he got his info and he stated ...

"The information came from my boss at Glock Professional. It is my understanding now that 2007 was the start of the switch from Tennifer to Nitration."

Another Glock Inc.CS rep told me today that a total across the board of all calibers switch from Tenifer to the new process took place in mid 2011. I guess it's possible and/or likely there was earlier use of the new process, but I can't imagine it really being before 2010.He also said my July 2009 G26 with the Black Slide and Grey barrel would have Tenifer under both finishes.
Some may think this topic is redundant, useless or flat out annoying, but the Tenifer and it's performance history was a big selling point for me.The newer metal treatment although very similar and/or in the same general classification as Tenifer just doesn't seem like it's performing as well based on what I'm reading on various forums. I'm not sure if it's possible to get the real answer of when the switch was made or if/ how many early models where sent out with the newer metal treatment short getting the information from records directly from Austria.
I will personally stick to buying older Glocks(pre-2010)for now to be on the safe side.
This is just me but I prefer even earlier than that,pre 2007 to avoid other cost cutting,performance measures taken by Glock. YMMV SJ 40

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