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Originally Posted by mike g35 View Post
Seems there are alot of you atheists here. So instead of fighting with you I would like you to list your reasons and arguments for why there is no god. I've argued with you recently, now here's your chance to "educate" us poor intellectually inferior Christians. Explain everything!!! Every reason you have not to believe. Believe it or not I'm actually interested in your thoughts.

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There are only two possibilities here:

(1) God does NOT exist.

(2) God DOES exist.

If God DOES exist, there either (2A) is such evidence, or (2B) God does not allow such evidence to be seen by mortal man such that his existence is irrefutable fact.

If God does NOT exist, there is obviously no evidence to point to his non-existence. All we agnostic/aetheists can point to is a lack of proof of existence, or (2B).

There is simply no evidence either way, which is the same as (2B), God does not allow any such evidence to be seen....etc.

It is the faithful who insist that God DOES exist while producing absolutely NO credible evidence that God does in fact exist.

What is more and worse, not only do they insist upon such Godly existence without proof, they have the sheer gall to tell the rest of us "what God wants" and "how God wants us to live our lives."


Before I am going to let some Shaman who says he speaks on behalf of God run my life, first he is going to have to provide me with some credible evidence that God exists and God him/her/itself tells me that said Shaman does in fact speak for him/her/it.

Short of such proof, all organized religions are nothing more than con game scams, and all "religious clergy" by whatever name they call themselves, are simply con men.

And all of the "faithful" are nothing more than gullible marks.

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