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A short Glock history lesson.

Glock used to make all kinds of products.

When Austria wanted a new army handgun, Gaston Glock decided to get into the gun business. Apparently there wasn't that much money in shower curtain rings and tampon applicators.

The first model pistol was called the model 1. It didn't work.
Models 2-16 had problems but model 17 was perfection.

Then came the other models.

Now, to address the question about finish:
The first finish process Glock used on the model 1 was called Ifer finish but it did not work well and he could see it needed improvement. He called the first process Oneifer.
Changing basic chemicals, he tried it again with Twoifer.
Perfection occurred with his tenth try when he used good old fashioned sugar as the active ingredient, He named it Tenifer.

When Glock opened his plant in the USA the Federal Government (the FDA) would not allow him to use the main active ingredient (sugar) in the process. After several years he finally reached Glock perfection once again by using Splenda in the process. It is now called Elevenifer. Nitride for short.

Don't even ask me how I know this, but Gaston's Mom vacations in Wythe County a couple times a year and I take her catfishing on Claytor Lake.
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