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Originally Posted by Peace Warrior View Post
None that I know of, but if it did happen, and the impacted building was built, similar to both 1 & 2 WTC, which is to say built to withstand the impact of a fully loaded 707 traveling at 600 MPH, then due to its design, the building contents would burn at and above the floors of impact, but the building itself would remain standing.
Do you really think they built the building to withstand that impact? Why would they ever think that was something that needed to be engineered for? They build buildings to withstand probable things like high winds or earthquakes. Do you have a link to something reliable that says they specifically planned the buildings to withstand that type of impact?

You're thinking of the rating of the structural steel with it's fire coating intact, put there because the steel's strength weakens as the temp increases. The idea was that a fire in that type of building would start slowly and the coating would give time for the firefighters to put it out.

It wasn't designed to stand up to having that coating blasted off by a jet liner worth of debris exploding through 5 of it's floors and igniting tons of jet fuel and burning magnesium and titanium all at once.

Plus you're forgetting something else,

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