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Originally Posted by IvanVic View Post
And you solution, apparently, is to retort by doing the same thing?

It looks like a while back someone made a thread about a white person affiliated with the tea party committing a crime, and this was the result:

So, an almost endless slew of people stating a fact that I happen to agree with - it shouldn't have been in the political forum. People commit crimes every day, many of them have probably voted for either a democrat or republican in their lifetime, that doesn't make it "political news."

Fast forward to today, a random black teen punches someone on a bus and all of a sudden it's the most relevant political story of the day that needs addressing!

There are two types of people that are critical of the problems in the black community: those that understand the problem is largely up to the black community to fix, as they can only help themselves, but also understand that their are many law abiding, wage earning blacks in America.

Then you have the other group, people who are only concerned with crime committed by blacks, are obsessed with the idea of it, and consequently have a skewed perception of the issue and crime in America in general, and aren't really able to discuss it on any meaningful level. These individuals would be the people who somehow think this teen punching someone is a super-relevant political issue, but vehemently object to the idea that anyone would even dare mention a crime committed by a white person in this forum.
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