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Originally Posted by Beretta92guy View Post
on either a Sig Sauer P226 or an HK P30 or a USP.....

im not very familiar with HK, but the P30 i fondled last week was SWEET......has a very interesting de-cock location....

can somebody give me some opinions on either brand?????

gonna spend about $1K, so need some advice
I'd recommend renting all three and find out for yourself.
I can almost guarantee if you shoot all three you will answer your own question with confidence.

I've got a Sig P220/45 and P239/357.
Have owned a HK USP 45 compact.
And also have a HK P30 40 LEM V1.

Personally, If I could only keep one of those,
It would be the HK P30 40 LEM V1.
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But I like my HK P2K 357 LEM V1 even more.General Firearms Forum

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