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Originally Posted by isp2605 View Post
I haven't read anyone here yet advocating using birdshot over other loads. However, sometimes you have to dance with the girl you bring. In a perfect world you can load this or that and carry a particular firearm. However, I know from experience that this isn't a perfect world and when it hits the fan you have to use what you have at that time. The point of this entire thread is that birdshot will definitely do more damage than some of the uninformed actually realize. Until you have seen the damage then don't discount it doing the job in certain circumstances. That birdshot load may be the only fat girl left at the dance. You may prefer the long haired blonde but she may not be there when the music starts.

Well since you put the analogy like that. I get what I want, so no worries in the first place.

BUT, if that fat girl were the only one left, I'd leave it, and go for the chubby cute girl down the block, IE my glock 19. I'll take that over Birdshot, still.
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