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Originally Posted by mike g35 View Post
Seems there are alot of you atheists here. So instead of fighting with you I would like you to list your reasons and arguments for why there is no god. I've argued with you recently, now here's your chance to "educate" us poor intellectually inferior Christians. Explain everything!!! Every reason you have not to believe. Believe it or not I'm actually interested in your thoughts.

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I can tell you the two thing that do it for me, predation and sexual reproduction.

Predation is the big one for me. Life eats itself. That's just how it works and it's so damn indifferent that it would be beautiful if it weren't so damn horrible. Countless trillions of organisms that are very capable of suffering and feeling pain have been snatched up, bitten to pieces, chewed alive, torn apart and injected with venom that incapacitates by sheer pain all for a meal for something else. Young life is often preferred as it's easier to catch and less dangerous to take down. Babies are essentially nature's delicacy.

Now that can only be described as a F-ed up situation when you look at it with compassionate human perspective. So let's look at the two leading explanations.

One says that god make everything perfect and beautiful with lions snuggling up to sleep with lambs and I can only assume black widows and scorpions doing the same with warm fuzzy moths. Then man came along and ate fruit from the wrong tree and screwed everything up. Not only does this sound completely insane but it goes contrary to all evidence ever uncovered. I'm told that the problem is simply with the "interpretation" of the evidence but only by people who demonstrate a stellar lack of understanding of what constitutes evidence so I discount those claims.

Another explanation says that life is basically a very complex yet completely natural chemical reaction, one as indifferent to suffering as the oxidation of carbon in a fire. All observations back this up. In fact I just saw the god gap shrink a bit more yesterday.

As for sexual reproduction, well, I see animals all over this planet that have their genitals hardwired to the pleasure center of their brains. I'm the same way. Why? Because the business of having and raising offspring is a huge pain and most would want nothing to do with it unless there were some incentive. Every single sexually reproducing life form on this planet and all of their ancestors has one thing in common. They had parents that were at one point or another horny enough to pass their genes on to the next generation.

Not only that but often it happened in a "by any means necessary" kind of way with ancestors raping females, males killing offspring of females to bring them back into reproductive cycle, females consuming mates and young consuming their mothers as the indifference of nature dictated that their function was best served as nutrients at that point, and even some creatures fooling others into raising their offspring for them. It all really makes the most torrid TV show look like an episode of Leave it to Beaver by comparison.

Now to the two leading explanations again. One has dire warnings for me simply having sex before going through a marriage ceremony and even then only with that one woman, forever. Never mind the rape and infanticide and group sex and all manner of debauchery that I see going on in the animal kingdom. God says I have to hunker down with one woman for my entire life and ignore any other woman that I feel attracted to even though all evidence shows that I'm working off the same biochemical cues that makes any other creature want to get it on. He also has all kinds of other silly rules for what needs to be done with private parts. No thanks.

The second explanation makes perfect sense once again. We're all complex chemical reactions and that particular act of combining genes is the very driving force of the whole process. I want to bang what I perceive as hot women because every single ancestor before me that reproduced sexually wanted to do the same. If not I wouldn't be here.

So that's just the 2 biggest factors in why I don't believe in god. I'd say that the supreme ignorance and cowardice of people that do claim to believe when questioned about their faith is a close third. So many questions left unanswered by so many who obviously haven't really thought about it. Why listen to them.

Here's a good litmus test. Does what you're being told make sense or does it just seem contrived to make you feel good?
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