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Originally Posted by fwm View Post
Pretty and livable are two different things. The worst two weeks I ever had was a week in San Fran. Didn't like WA, except the climb to Mt Rainiers' glacier.

Been and lived in enough places that I don't go anywhere unarmed any more, so that eliminates both East and West Coast liberal states as well as the Second East Coast, Chicago. I have friends that come down from Chicago occasionally and they were horrified when I pointed out everybody in my residence for the get together was armed, except for them

(The 'Ruling' politicians concerns about me carrying a gun tell me all I need to know about what they think of me, and who to stay away from.)
SF is a hard place to live or visit for very long unless you have a lot more money than the average person. I would not live there unless my gross income was over $300,000.

The rest of the state gets better as you get further from LA or SF. The Sierras and their foothills are amazing this time of year. All the tourists go to Yosemite and Tahoe in the summer. The fall is perfect time. Due to my wife being in school for a lot of our marriage it has been a long time since we have gone up there this time of year. I hope to get up there in the fall one of these years before the oldest kid hits grade school. Even places like Monterey or Santa Cruz are nice this time of year even though they are pretty close to the sucky parts of CA.

As for Washington I think it is a pretty nice place. I would live closer to the OR side of the state though. Much prettier and less people. The Seattle area just seems like a mess to me. Their gun laws are very good considering CA is next door and transplants have damaged OR. NV looks like it is going downhill faster than OR and WA these days. I think it is because Sacto and even SF are pretty close to Reno. Not to mention LV is just 4 hours away from LA. That is pretty much a day trip.
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