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Originally Posted by Rabbi View Post
People who say such things probably have not been a lot of places. I understand some people dont care about culture(other cultures) society, cities, whatever isnt their happy little world....

But, some of the nicest, wealthiest, most cultured, most intersting, and flat out fun places are pretty liberal. Austin, Seattle and San Francisco come to mind. Hell, the whole State of California is simply a wonderful and amazing place. New England is awesome, Orgeon, Washington State...stunning.
Pretty and livable are two different things. The worst two weeks I ever had was a week in San Fran. Didn't like WA, except the climb to Mt Rainiers' glacier.

Been and lived in enough places that I don't go anywhere unarmed any more, so that eliminates both East and West Coast liberal states as well as the Second East Coast, Chicago. I have friends that come down from Chicago occasionally and they were horrified when I pointed out everybody in my residence for the get together was armed, except for them

(The 'Ruling' politicians concerns about me carrying a gun tell me all I need to know about what they think of me, and who to stay away from.)
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