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New XDs!!!

(I will post a picture in a little bit...having trouble uploading one for some reason) I was in the market for another .45 acp. I went to my local gun shop to look around and they were in the process of unpacking a fresh shipment of XDs. At first I was disappointed to learn there was a waiting list. As luck would have it, one of the people they called didn't have the money and changed their mind. He offered it to me, and I jumped on it!!! It is the stainless bi tone model. I was thrilled to find out the Springfield also sells factory 7 round mags for the XDs with an extension on it. I ended walking out the door with the XDs and two factory 7 round mags to use as back up. I will post pics and a review soon. (Pics will come first hopefully, don't know why I am having trouble uploading)
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