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Originally Posted by AK_Stick View Post
Your argument is flawed from the start.

We've lost too many first responders over the years, because they ran into situations they knew were dangerous, because that was their job. To argue that they would have run away if they knew the building was going to fail.

Lots/a large majority of structure fires I've seen, involved a structure collapse at some point. Yet I've seen time and again, firefighters enter structures to locate/save people inside.

There are people, who put the survival/attempt to save other people/ be it brothers in arms/friends/family/complete strangers, above their own well being.
Are you comparing the possibility of partial collapse in a house or small building fire with the the F.D. commanders known certainty of a complete collapse of a 100+ story steel and concrete skyscrapers?

Nobody thought there was much of a chance of the first tower coming down like that. It took a long investigation to figure out why those buildings collapsed like they did and as you can see from this thread the explanation still isn't good enough for some people without having to include imaginary explosives.

But once that first tower did fall they had very good reason to call back everyone in or near the second tower that could find their way out.

I guarantee you the protocall for handling a jet collision with a skyscraper is very different today than it was pre-9-11 and if the same scenario happened on a similar building with similar structure tomorrow there wouldn't be anybody "running in" regardless of what orders were given.
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