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Originally Posted by JW1178 View Post
Okay, what if we had gone into Germany in the early 1930's and stopped Hitler before Germany could have built up the juggernaut that it had became? People would have said it was a war of aggression to torture the German people and keep them from getting ahead. We didn't, and look what happened.

Lets just say that in the 1950's we just allowed the North Korean and Chineese Communists to take over South Korea with no resistance? What if in the 1960-1970's we just allowed North Vietnam, USSR and China to take over South Vietnam with no resistance? They ultimately did, but we made it hard for them. Lets say we just don't go to war until we are attacked? The Communists could just sweep through any weaker nation they wanted to with no resistance? Red Dawn very well could have been a reality.

That's the reason we haven't been in a war like WWII since WWII. Yeah, I know, 30K died in Korea and 56K died in Vietnam over a 12 year period. We have lost about 5-6K men in the "war on terror" including Iraq. Yes, this is horrible but we don't live in a peachy world, we live in a dog eat dog world and freedom is not free. What we have lost in the past almost now 67 years since WWII is a whole lot less than doing what we did between WWI and WWII where we let our enemies grow and resulted in a staggering 416,800 dead.

That's a great mindset for justifying getting involved in any conflict anywhere in the world if one's so inclined, as our government obviously is. Just convince enough blindly patriotic twits that their freedom is in danger and they're all for it.

I would argue that the rest of Europe should have been more vigilent about keeping Germany at bay once they invaded Poland and made their intentions known. It's their continent, let them handle it. Since they couldn't and especially since Japan hand delivered us an invitation to the war of course we would get involved at that point.But so what if some country on the other side of the world takes over some other tiny country? It's none of our concern. Let them know in no uncertain terms that once they bring that fight to us they'll be sorry. You know, the whole M.A.D. thing. It would also be good to have such a strong economy because we haven't been wasting trillions of $$$ on stupid wars that we could nearly shut anybody down just with trade sanctions and our financial clout with other nations.

But we can't have that now can we? Because that would make everyone prosperous instead of just the select few power players that currently are.
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