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Originally Posted by Gunhaver View Post
If I was there knowing what was going to happen then yes, I would run the other way and so would you. If you knew that those buildings were going to come down like they did leaving no chance of survival for anybody nearby you'd run like hell. I don't care how much of a chest pounder you feel like being about it. Fancy yourself a hero all you like, you're just FOS and nobody's impressed.

You seem to be having trouble staying on point with this discussion. Maybe you're too emotional about it. I never said that they didn't know it was a terrorist attack did I? It was obvious that it was to anybody with half a brain once that second plane hit, or were you still unsure at that point? If so then you were the only one still scratching your head wondering why 2 planes had hit buildings that terrorists had already bombed once in 93.

It's obvious that you have trouble separating what you read from what you feel. What I said was that they didn't expect the buildings to come down the way they did. They were trying to get in there and get the fire out and get people out like they were trained to do. Once that first building came down I can guarantee you that the call was made to pull everyone out, heroics be dammed.

Your argument is flawed from the start.

We've lost too many first responders over the years, because they ran into situations they knew were dangerous, because that was their job. To argue that they would have run away if they knew the building was going to fail.

Lots/a large majority of structure fires I've seen, involved a structure collapse at some point. Yet I've seen time and again, firefighters enter structures to locate/save people inside.

There are people, who put the survival/attempt to save other people/ be it brothers in arms/friends/family/complete strangers, above their own well being.
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