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Originally Posted by devildog2067 View Post
Selection bias. You were a federal agent (I assume, based on the screen name) and you saw lots of crime. But big cities also have lots of people in them, and most of those people are never involved in a crime.
I think you would be surprised at how much crime affects the average person. You do not need to raped, robbed or nurdered to be a victim of a crime. Vandalism, burglaries of homes and cars, theft of cars are all prevelent. I grew up in nice neghborhoods in a crime ridden city. We were the victims of burglaries 3 times. We had our car window shot out with a 12 gauge. All of it was essentially background noise. Where I work it is pretty common to talk to one victim and then have a few others pop out of their homes. Most do not report it.

As for the OP I do not agree.
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