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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post
Maybe I was wrong about the back-order cause, but Storm Lake was having the same problem. I've heard LWD barrels are foreign made, and some here speculated that political unrest might explain the 'shortage'. Yes, lack of capital might be LWD's problem, but I've never heard they are struggling financially. Who knows? Who cares?

My comment about the availability of accessories in the "good ole USA" meant only what it said: We are fortunate to live in a country where such purchases can be made freely. At least I'm greatful for that freedom.
I don't know that you're wrong, I could be the one that's wrong. What I do know is that if JR was doing so much business that he couldn't keep up with demand, he would be telling his cutomers how much he appreciates their interest in his products, and to please be patient. Instead he comes on the internet and insults people. His conduct is indicative of a guy who is frustrated. In this economic slow down, it wouldn't be hard at all to get the chicoms or Koreans that make his barrels to increase output. They'd be glad to do it. But, they expect to get paid for it.

Back about eight years ago, you just couldn't get enough concrete. There was a world-wide building boom going on and the chicoms would simply buy up any increase in cement production to build their Olympic city. That would be a case of demand simply outstripping any attempt to keep up. But in this economy? The chicom economy is sluggish at best and that country would be glad to make more barrels. They have the people, machines, and materials just laying around and the chicom government is deathly afraid of unemployment.
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