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[QUOTE=F350;19487749]I have been approached after a MWG call; it all depends on the attitude of the LEO when he makes contact. If he starts off hostile with an immediate demand for ID etc. I can be the worlds biggest @hole. His choice.

Actually, it's your choice to become the "world biggest @hole". And, in a street encounter with a LEO, it's not... IMHO, and based upon my previous LEO service... a wise choice.

There is a reason LEOs often immediately ask for an ID. (1) they would like to know who they are talking to, and (2) If things turn very ugly and the subject manages to flee the arrest they asked for & likely deserve, the LEO may have some memory of name/address that might aid in a later apprehension.

It's not done to "lord it over' the interview subject. There is sound policy behind it.

If the LEO is obviously overbearing/rude/insulting/non-professional, you can remain compliant & cooperative, and pursue your complaint at a later date, and might well prevail in legal action.... especially if you are totally cooperative and arrested on a bogus charge. There's big $$$ there. But, only if you are the cooperative, law-abiding, individual who was wronged.

If you choose to become "the world's biggest @hole" you've lost that option and now have to spend bucks for bail & lawyer. There are various Disturbing The Peace... Resisting Without Violence... and other legally valid charges that can be brought to bear should you decide to be @hole.

Just a thought. But, winning a pi$$ing contest on the street with a LEO is not likely. They have more immediate resources than you do, and they are only a radio call away.

Just a thought, from a former LEO.
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