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Originally Posted by DARKSHADOW View Post
I'm Christmas shopping for my self, and I would like to get a S&W in .44 magnum, and the 629's have caught my eye.
I've been leaning towards the 629 competitor with a 6" barrel, or the Stealth Hunter with a 7.5" barrel.
I like the 629 V-comp, but not fond of the 4" barrel.

Also the Competitor and the Hunter look to have a weaver mount built into the gun, and this I like for mounting a reflex sight.

Anybody have any experience with any of these model's, and care to share your opinion?
I have the 629 with 8 3/8 inch barrel. with 2x Leupold scope mounted with Weaver rings. I like the longer barrels for the velocity and recoil reduction. With 24.0 grains of H110/296 I am getting around 1350 fps with 240 grain bullets Sierra or Hornady. Longer barrels have less muzzle blast and more velocity. IMO short barrels may be handy but you pay the price with performance reduction. Muzzle brakes are really loud.
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