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Originally Posted by jbglock

Here's the thing. You have no idea what has been called in. Sure you may be walking around, minding your own business, and open carrying. We might get a report that you are walking around with a gun menacing people and threatening them. Is it true? No. Do we know that when we arrive? No. Thus the purpose of talking to you. I fail to see where you as a citizen have been wronged.

Hopefully this doesn't turn into another cop bash as I'm seeing threads like this become lately. If it does maybe the mods will actually do something this time.
I have been approached after a MWG call; it all depends on the attitude of the LEO when he makes contact. If he starts off hostile with an immediate demand for ID etc. I can be the worlds biggest @hole. His choice.

In my case it went like this...

I'm walking down the sidewalk in town and a cop car pulls up and stops, cop gets out and heads my way, I know what's up.
cop}Can I talk to you for a second?
me} Sure.
cop}I'm responding to a man with a gun call and I suspect it's you.
me}Probably; damned hopolaphobiacs.
cop gives me a funny look
me}People with an irrational fear of guns.
cop} (chuckles) I'll have to remember that word. You haven't any problems have you?
me} Nope. Just walking down the sidewalk minding my own business.
cop}OK, I just had to check it out, I'll clear the call.
He asked what I was carrying and we talked guns for a minute or so and he was on his way.

If the encounter had started with "Hey you! Get over here and show me some ID!" Let's just say the tenor of the encounter would have been quite different. On the other hand had I started off with a pissie attitude I'm sure things would have taken a turn for the worse, it's mutual.

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