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You really have no idea what the LEO thinks. The general public has been conditioned to call the Police if there is something out of the ordinary and that the Police have to solve all their problems. I speak from a position of over 22 years as a Police Officer. I retired and no longer have to respond to the "Sally was rude to Jimmy" calls. I had my share of "guy with a gun" calls, I would say 99.8% amounted to nothing. The open carry is nothing new but it has not been common for a long time and the general public will call and expect the Police to solve their problem with this new and strange event. Soooo you need to realize the Police don't know you and should proceed from a defensive posture because not all people with guns are nice... For the Police it is a "damned if you do and damned if you don't" situation. To all LEO be safe..... Just my thoughts from the Big Sky Country..
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