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Originally Posted by 8-Ball View Post
Not at all.

The most populated cities in the states are full of crime and liberals. It's actually the opposite of your post, in my state at least, whereas the majority of the state itself has low crime and is full of conservative ways, but the liberal s--t hole cities are more populated, thus they have more voters.
That's been my experience. I worked in Baltimore, Miami, Dallas, and New Orleans. In every one of them, crime was out of control, but in many of the smaller, more rural areas, life was nice.

The big difference I saw in living in liberal areas was that they taxed the bejesus out of you for everything, and regulated everything to death (just outside of Annapolis, MD, where I lived for five years, they actually checked to make sure you were putting out recyclables in the bin, and would reportedly fine you if you didn't put any in).
I sure miss the country I grew up in.
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