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I have a stormlake .40-9mm conversion barrel for my G27. And some days I carry it stock, some days I carry it in my 9mm setup, just depends on my mood I guess. I did buy a 9mm extractor because it wouldnt always extract the 9mm cases with the stock extractor. Since I did that, my gun has been perfect with the 9mm barrel. Even when I go back to my .40sw barrel, the same 9mm extractor works perfectly for both calibers. Ive run everything from cheap russian Tulammo and wolf 9mm, to federal hst's and ranger t 127gr +p+, and it has literally been PERFECT. Never even a bad ejection where it goes to the left or towards my face, always ejects at 3 or 4 o'clock.
I regularly trust my life to my G27 w/9mm stormlake conversion barrel, loaded with 147gr HST's...
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