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Originally Posted by Geko45 View Post
Why don't you go look at the threads we have started over the last year? There have been some very convincing arguments made here and invariably theists have given no valid rebuttable.

Why don't you list some of the reasons why you believe in a deity with no physical proof whatsoever? Do you have reason other than a deep emmotional need for it to be true?
You're misunderstanding my intentions. I really do want to see you make your case. This is NOT an attack. Simply an attempt to understand each other. I have no personal stake in this fight, I don't fall under either umbrella. It's actually the atheists here that have put the label of Christian on me. I am still trying to figure out the who what when where and why of the universe. Until I do I won't pretend to know more than anyone else. So maybe there is no god, if that's what you believe then state your case. By only stating your reasons atheists don't want to follow religion your not converting anyone. Maybe if you gave irrefutable evidence you could change minds. And changing minds to better America and people in general was the reason I was given for atheists posting in a religious forum, so now I'm asking you to state your case and giving you an opportunity to change my mind....if you can.

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