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Why don't you go look at the threads we have started over the last year? There have been some very convincing arguments made here and invariably theists have given no valid rebuttable.

Why don't you list some of the reasons why you believe in a deity with no physical proof whatsoever? Do you have reason other than a deep emmotional need for it to be true?
CavDoc: "If you have to pretend that a person with a different opinion has an opinion other than his own in order to score points in an argument, you've forfeited any points that you pretended to have."
CavDoc: "You consider yourself as non-religious, and I consider you a religious zealot."

JBnTX: "Freedom of religion doesn't mean you can worship any God, anyway you see fit or not even worship any God if you so choose. [...] Christianity should be the only religion protected under the constitution, and congress shall make no law restricting its practice."
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