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Originally Posted by INJoker View Post

Please tell me how middle management in a private corporation is inherently more valuable than teaching?

Please tell me what fundamental skills one needs to obtain an M.B.A.?

Please tell me where one obtains those fundamental skills?
The market compensates it at a higher rate. The market deems it more valuable.

As for trying to tie the learning of those skills starting with teachers....nah, I am not falling for that. That is a poor argument. Using your logic, the teacher is more valuable than the skill...which is not true. The skill is more valuable than the teacher. Using your logic, the elementary teacher should make more than the high school teacher, and the high school teacher should make more than the college Prof....because without the first, a person would not be able to go on to the next....but it works the exact opposite way.

You simply dont understand value. For a biting remark, the MBA would, the teacher, probably not.
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