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I have an ipad 2 and am looking for a 7" tablet to replace it for travel (ipad is too heavy), used primarily for in flight entertainment and quick document reference. I figured I'd go to Best Buy and drop $250 or so on one without hesitation but after playing with them I can't seem to do it and find myself holding out for the elusive minipad.

Nexus gets a lot of negative hits on reviews.
Fire HD isn't expandable and limited to 16GB in stock.
Samsung just feels cheap. Black border around the screen feels overly large for this footprint why didn't they give me a bigger viewable screen?

I'm not in love with the iPad. I want a filing system. However, at least it feels like a quality device when you hold it.

Now some will say what do you want for $250? I agree. I'd be willing to pay more than $250 for a quality 7" tablet.......and I suspect Apple knows this.
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