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Originally Posted by Colorado4Wheel View Post
You gotta wonder what they did in the past to custom chamber a barrel. They have offered this service for years but all of a sudden it now required a special part that they didn't have. What were they doing before when you sent a barrel in?
Well capitalized businesses rarely have problems like this. Where I work, we had plenty of everything until the banking crisis hit the fan in '08. We worked at a steady pace year round building inventory for our busy season. Come the banking crisis, we couldn't get the short term loans to build inventory and it caused problems delivering our finished product. We would lay around, encouraged to burn vacation time, during the slow season while are raw materials bins were empty and our production lines sat idle. Once the busy season came around and cash started flowing in, we had money to produce and had to work like animals to catch up. Our office people were going crazy trying to satisfy our customers with product we didn't have yet, but would have "soon".

The owner of the company has since sold our company since it was profitable over-all and he wanted to retire anyway. The bigger company that owns us now has it's own internal financing and we are back to working at a steady, year-round pace and our customers are happy again.

Through all of this our demand was never the issue as some have suggested regarding LWD.
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