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Originally Posted by PhotoFeller View Post

My LWD 40/9 barrel just arrived too, after a three or four week back order wait. My Storm Lake barrel just came in as well, after a back order wait. Extraordinary demand for these great barrels decimated inventories and caused the back order situation.

We are so accustomed to instant turnaround that having to wait for something, anything, drives us nuts. In the final analysis, it was worth the wait and I'm thankful we have access to accessories like LWD and SL barrels in the good ole USA. Aren't you?
It sounds to me that he is having capital issues. He imports the barrels BTW, so it's a little funny that you are wrapping all of this in the flag. The supplier he gets them from needs to be paid by LWD before he is going to ship them out. This is a very common problem with businesses like this. Many ammo companies take peoples' money and hold it for months before shipping the order while claiming "supply problems". So the wonderful JR processes peoples' orders and then ships them months later. If they don't like it, they are "trolls" or unpatriotic.
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