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Originally Posted by Nalapombu View Post
Thanks everyone for all the info.

So if I get you all right, the only tablets to consider are the IPAD and the ones by SAMSUNG. Is that true?

I haven't fooled with the Samsung at all. Every time I see one in a store it is never operational. I have played around with the IPAD and ever since playing that video game Metalstorm for about 5 minutes, I want one.

Actually I am in the middle of trying to figure out what computer gear to get. I would love to have one of the Apple laptops, but they are just too much money for me right now. I've thought about getting a decent desktop and supplementing it with an IPAD. Then I've thought about getting a budget $250 laptop or a Pawn Shop Special and saving my money to get an Apple laptop, If I go that way, there is no reason to get an IPAD, is there? Although I have fancied the idea of getting a 17 inch laptop, it would be my only computer, and a Tablet.
So many possibilities..... Then I tell myself to wait until we see what the Microsoft Surface will do and what capabilities it will have before buying a tablet. I think if the Surface is priced like the IPAD and it has functions like a laptop but without the fixed keyboard, I might really want one of those if it has access to the apps like Apple and Android does.

One other thing, it irritates me that the very cool game apps, and some in other categories, are only available in one format, usually APPLE. That game Metalstorm and the Zombie Gunship are only on APPLE. Excuse the mentioning of game apps, but these cool games are new to me. I never did buy a PlayStation, Nintendo or XBOX and play those games. I guess it's like I'm a kid that missed all the cool toys and now is trying to go back and see what I've missed.

Who knows what I'll end up with. A couple months ago I felt as though the tablets were just a toy, nothing more than that and that there was no reason to get one. I thought "why get a tablet that limits what you can really do on one, when you can spend a tad more and get something like the MacBook AIR 11 inch screen and have all the things you need right there. I still kinda cling to that idea, but I also see that a Tablet can be a useful tool and would be nice to have a good one.

It'll be interesting to see what this IPAD Mini is going to look like and what capabilities it'll have. No doubt it'll be great, but how great is the question. It has some competition in this area now with the Google Nexus 7 inch, the new Kindle FireHD 7 inch and so on. I have a Kindle Fire, the original one and I like it for what it allows me to do, but do get aggravated at how small it is when I am trying to navigate the web and type in stuff with that virtual keyboard.
I handled one of the new Fire HD's the other day and they are very nice. Much nicer than mine and the reviews I have read so far have a lot of great things to say about it. I am curious about the 8.9 inch version coming at the end of next month. That is supposed to be really nice too with HD screen like the IPAD and 16 gb. LOTS of interesting stuff coming, can't wait to check it all out.

Thanks all for the time.

Just FYI. Craigslist has some smokin hot deals on late model macbook airs. From what I can tell about half price. I'd take a year old craigslist MBA (which is what I'm on at the moment) over anything else on the market new if a notebook is what you need.
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