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Originally Posted by certifiedfunds View Post
Why should we pay them more?

That is a serious question. Teachers want a pay increase. Why should we, as taxpayers, give it to them? What will we get in return for it?

Will results improve if we pay the teachers more?
Going back to my initial assertion:

The teachers that I know do not want more money. They feel they are fairly compensated, despite being compensated at a relatively low rate compared to the private sector.

The teachers that I know only want to be fairly evaluated.

Going back to my "Doctor" analogy, please explain to me how it is rational to pin a child's cognitive abilities, aptitude, level of interest, motivation, English proficiency and behavior entirely on a third-grade teacher who only sees him 7 hours per day, 180 days per year?

You really think the impact that teacher has is going to outweigh the influence of the child's drop-out parents who work in a factory?

There is a reason that the children of educated individuals achieve much higher scores on standardized tests: they are expected to do so by their parents.
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