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Originally Posted by sbhaven View Post
Doubtful Apple Mini would have a price point under $350. Anything less then that they cut into their iPod Touch line. Plus Apple knows that the have a built in core of Apple product fanboys who will buy the Mini no matter the price point.

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Personally I think it's going to be $300. I don't think they are worried about it impacting iPod Touch sales. They are completely different devices. The Touch's are portable gaming/MP3 systems. A tablet is a tablet. Sure it is going to cost some of those sales but by in large not a huge affect. What they are worried about is $200 Nexus 7 and the like impacting their market share that can certainly boil over to the phone side. It's the whole ecosystem in effect. If you have one your more likely to get both. Have an iPad? Well your more likely to get an iPhone. Same with Android. After you buy the same app a couple of times you will get rid of one and make a decision. Been there done that.
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