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Originally Posted by SCmasterblaster View Post
Why do LEOs assume that OCers are criminals? I don't understand.
Because they are armed people acting in a way that is unusual and somewhat aggressive (by intentionally displaying a weapon, for no apparent reason). If your cat is strutting around the room with his claws out, making strange noises, you don't pet him.

That many of them are so clueless they don't even understand that it's aggressive or strange, or understand violence, crime, etc., well enough to know the answer to your question is their problem (I learned that from their posts here) - the police don't know the ninja wannabe couch potatos from the violent nuts who want to shoot up a theater, until they talk to them a little.

Edit to add: as other point out, the police don't always assume they are all criminals (and "crazies" is more likely what they assume than "criminals"). The police can pretty much tell who is strange and who is not and the result is that the open carriers who get the attention are going to be the crazies who go out trying to provoke the police, so they can post the video on youtube. It is very natural that what you see online is going to be negative attention from the police, since the people OCing and looking to post it online are, both intentionally and because of their personalities, provoking distrust and confrontation.
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