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Originally Posted by HerrGlock View Post
That's tacky.

If you want to use the service of figuring out what RAM you need, the very least you could do is buy the RAM from there. Even if it's 10-15% or so more I'll buy from crucial every time because of this service they have for figuring out what RAM you need.

I pick up a lot of stuff from newegg as well but I guess I'll make sure to buy all my RAM from crucial. I, personally, would prefer them stay in business and everyone who uses their services but then does not buy from them is only looking short term. If they don't sell stuff, they don't stay in business so their service you're using won't be there tomorrow.
Sorry HerrGlock, on this issue you are completely off base.

On their (Crucial's) own page, they have a "where to buy" link.

and is on that page.

The truth is, Crucial does not care where you buy their memory.

Maybe I should have been clearer - I am recommending Crucial memory, I purchase memory for more than 200 computers or servers annually, and it's mostly only Crucial. Most of the times the drill is...

  • Buy a server or workstation
  • Mfgr lists additional memory at 30-60% more than street price
  • Get additional memory from Crucial, or New Egg
For older machines, where I am too lazy to pull the spec sheet,

  • Plug the express service code/service tag/make into the Crucial site finder,
  • Get the memory from whomever has it at the best deal.
  • If I am purchasing bulk quantities (over $800 - $1k), I typically purchase directly from wholesale (Tech Data or Ingram Micro...distant 3rd would be CDW) sells a lot of Crucial memory (go ahead, ask me how I know).

I think it would be in poor taste to send someone to buy computer memory of a specific brand at one place, when a legitimate reseller has the same exact memory available for less money.

I am a bit surprised you don't keep up on this sort of information sir.
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