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Originally Posted by DoctaGlockta View Post
Two barrels. Should have them this week. Looking forward to it. Wasn't an emergency to have them asap. No worries.

I don't recall when you placed your order but my barrel "corrections" only took 104 DAYS.

Was your order for new barrels or for the GT Hole special?

As I posted only one of the "corrected" barrels would function and the same 45ACP ammo that I reloaded would function in my other 45 Autos and some of my buddies 45 autos but not in my 45ACP G30 barrel that was "corrected".

I wanted to end up with a barrel that would function with any reloaded 45ACP ammo not just the ones that I produce so that the barrel may have some value to someone else, hence I did not send them any of my reloads. By then I had already moved one and bought the KKM barrels which are working out great.

My impression of LWD is that the guys in the shop are concerned about their work and turn around time but the management has a business model with a chip on their shoulder about their barrels being able to function with factory loads. As has been referred to many times in this thread they seem to miss the reason that customers buy their Glock barrels.

Here's hoping that they work out for you; as for me I will look elsewhere for any product offered by LWD.
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