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Originally Posted by snowbird View Post
...or flying saucers with death rays.

In the real world, we have seen violent leftists: the communist Weather Underground bombed government buildings and banks in the 1970s, did a jailbreak for drug guru Timothy Leary, did riots, bombed the Capitol (1971), Pentagon (1972) and state Dept (1975) in support of Vietnamese communists, who were fighting our forces at the time. The lefty Symbionese Liberation Army did bank robberies, 2 murders, and kidnapped Patty Hearst. Lefty animal rights radicals have done arson, bombings and vandalism to the tune of 100 million or more in damage. And more...

Face it, wherever the Left or Islam are present, "the fuel for extremism, zealotry, and terrorism exists".
With religion gone... it'd be one less thing to worry about.
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