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Originally Posted by INJoker View Post
Do you know what the average salary is for someone with an M.B.A. in Indiana? Conservative numbers put a starting M.B.A. salary at about $66,000 - or MORE than a 20-year teacher with a Master's in Education.
That sounds pretty low--we start MBAs at about $160-170k all in, plus a 5-figure signing bonus.

When I hear people talk about how great and easy teaching jobs are, I just want to slap them. Hard.
I have been a teacher.

Teaching is not hard.

Teaching well is very hard, and a lot of work.

You know what else is hard? Roofing. I did that one summer and I thought I was going to die.

Salaries are not set by how "hard" a job is. Salaries are set by the amount of value that an employee creates. I get paid very well and I sit behind a desk for a living now, I really don't work very "hard" at all. My job is to think creatively and solve problems.

It's not "hard" in the way that hauling shingles up a ladder was, but it's "hard" in the sense that not many people can do it. There's a lot of pressure. There's a lot of stress. We create a lot of value, and so we get paid a lot of money.

That is fundamentally how people get paid. Salespeople who make sales are valuable to their companies, so they get paid. Orthopedic surgeons who do more knee replacement surgeries are more valuable than ones who do fewer, and they get paid more. Executives who manage companies well are more valuable than ones who do it poorly; the ones who do well get paid more and the ones who do badly get fired.

You argue that teachers can't change the outcomes for students, so where is the value that they create? Why should they get paid at all?

The above is rhetorical, of course. Teachers create immense value, it's just more difficult to measure than the value that a salesman brings to an organization. That's fine, not everything in life is simple.

But to refuse to acknowledge that teachers can have a positive, measurable effect on outcomes--that's just stupid. Teachers want more, they should offer more.
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