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Originally Posted by INJoker View Post

For instance, why would a middle manager in corporate America pursue a Master's in Education? Why would a teacher pursue an M.B.A.?

They wouldn't. It would not make sense in the progression of their respective careers.

So in the context of professional development, a Master's in Education is the next logical step up for the average teacher just as an M.B.A. would be for the average accountant or marketer.
It is the next logical step( that step doesnt pay as well as getting an MBA (or an RN...or whatever)

If you are a cop and work for an agency that requires a "Masters" to be promoted to doesnt matter if you get a MSME or a Masters in Education. Of course, that doesnt change the potential value of each of those choices.

You are still looking at this in terms of apples and oranges. You cant (and you wont get anyone to take you seriously, except for folks who already agree with you) compare whate teachers make to what ....(whatever) makes.

If you want to be a nurse, the market pays for that based on what a nurse must go though and then does.
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