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AA powders are notorious for the point of being dangerous!
AA5 has been made in South Africa, Israel & the Czech Republic that I know of (and have had cans so marked) and the data, while fine if loaded by weight, can get crazy if you are using a volume measure & have to change while in the middle of a run. Densities vary by as much as 40% !!
Had this happen while loading 9mm on a Lee press w/Lee measure.
Fortunately, the powder looked different enough in color that it caught my attention.
I had gotten 5 or 6, 1# cans from the SAME SUPPLIER IN THE SAME ORDER. From the 3 different countries mentioned !
I made a vow after that....I no longer use ANY powder from AA !

Just another good reason that I use Vhit powders in most everything now.

Note to WiskyT....

They even BRAG about Unique being "New & Improved" as far as being cleaner. They must have changed something in it.

But I have to agree, a lot of the new data seems to have been written by corporate lawyers.

All the more reason to own a good chrono !

uncle albert

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