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Originally Posted by Restless28 View Post
I finally scored a Gen 2 G19! I traded a Walther PPS and got a $100 in boot. It has some holster wear on the matte black slide. It has a stainless steel guide rod and adjustable steel sights.

I really like the lack of finger grooves.

Questions. It has a AZX prefix. How old is it?

Also, the grip has a "cut out" in the front at the Magwell. I haven't seen a Gen 2 before, so I guess it's normal.

The mag doesn't drop free. Is this normal?

Will the new mags drop free?

Pics coming soon!

I like the lack of grooves too. The "cut out" is normal, and those originally had non-drop free mags just like the 17's I'm pretty sure, and you're mag could be older than the gun itself.

For me, the Gen 2 19 is THE classic Glock! Congrats!


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