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Anyone up with Indiana laws? Just got this memo...

Memo at the campus where I teach says:

"Employees are prohibited from ―reporting to work or representing the College while possessing firearms or other dangerous devices. In addition, ―employees are prohibited from making statements or taking actions that are potentially offensive and embarrassing to other employees, students or visitors of the college. Employees who―threaten ongoing college operations, the health and safety of others or themselves, can be accused of gross misconduct.
Violation of these policies can result in a disciplinary action up to and including dismissal from the college (if a student) or termination of employment (if an employee).
As of July 1, 2010, it is illegal to have a gun or ammunition on postsecondary institution property, either in a vehicle or in a person’s possession. "

End quote

Now I knew guns aren't allowed on campus, but we have been told by security (our security are sworn LEO's) that if we have a gun, we can either check it with them, or leave it in our locked car. I have a safe in my car. So this statement I just got today goes completely against what I was told by our security (who happen to be local police). Anyone hear of any law changes two years ago? I'm thinking this statement is wrong, but now need to jump into research mode. Thought I'd post here first, due to the large number of people with knowledge about this stuff...

Thanks! Now off to research it....(like do they have it backwards, and can't prohibit us from keeping it in our cars?)
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