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Thanks for the tip GlockGuy, I will pick up some of those powders to try out as well as see how this h322 works with it.
The z-max got pretty good reviews and has a Ballistic Coefficient of 0.295, and since they only sell those bullets by the box of 500, so i have 500 chances to find the right load. The Dies that I am using are RCBS and the .311 z-max fit perfectly in the case after the resizing die was used.

I was holding off on reloading this caliber for the past year since the ak i have grouped about 2.5 MOA at 100, and the ar was about 1.5, and this was all with wolf ammo.

But with the reloading book i have the the suggestions that you gave, i'm hoping to find a good load for it.

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